"The new face of grooming: barber shop design with an alcoholic bar and an innovative experience!"

Get ready to meet the new teller in town, where every moment becomes an experience. Enter the world of innovative and barbarian design, combined with a pampering alcoholic bar and a feeling of luxury in every corner.


  • The barber style design will combine modern furniture, elegant design, and intimate lighting that gives a pampering and elegant atmosphere.


  • A luxuriously designed alcoholic bar, integrated in a high-quality way into the salon's design, encourages an atmosphere of luxury and style.

A sense of luxury and an innovative experience:

  • The innovative design will combine advanced technology, modern furniture, and a unique experience that will allow customers to enjoy pampering skin care treatments in a modern and special environment.

Privacy guaranteed:

  • A combination of maximum privacy and a personal experience, so that every customer feels comfortable and invited in a special way.

Enter the new world of the innovative design, the barbarian atmosphere and the feeling of luxury with a designed alcohol bar. A hairdresser in this style promises to make every treatment a special and refreshing experience every time you visit.

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