Office planning and design

When planning and designing offices, it is important to take into account a number of particularly important factors. First, what is the nature and type of the office, secondly, what is the required atmosphere in the work space, is the goal to create an active atmosphere or rather the opposite, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Office planning and design should remember all the small and large details, refer to the work space itself, the conference room, the entrance, the coffee corner, and more. Today, there are different types of office planning and design, where each design seeks to fit harmoniously and precisely and realize the full potential of the work space and the additional spaces. WE ARE professional company that specializes in a wide variety of designs including office planning and design, coffee shop planning and design, restaurant planning and design and provides advice and guidance in the field of designed offices.

Planning and designing a cafe

It can be seen that in recent years planning and designing a cafe has become particularly popular. Most of the cafe's customers come to the place not only for the coffee, but to spend time with family, friends, work, hold business meetings, and enjoy the atmosphere. Therefore, the design of the place is very important, and it is an influential factor in creating the right and pleasant atmosphere for the cafe's residents, and of course also for the staff. A coffee shop that is designed correctly can attract a satisfied and stable clientele, and even make the employees in the place more effective and satisfied.

Planning and designing restaurants

When dealing with the establishment of a new restaurant, the first thing to consider is the issue of restaurant planning and design. This is a critical issue especially these days, due to the competitive market and the number of restaurants. Today, it is clear that the atmosphere and the experience that is conveyed in the restaurant are first of all not thanks to the food, but thanks to the right design. Accurate and smart design can attract customers and actually buy them even before they order the food. RENASCENCE Design specialize in kimono design and provide professional advice and training to many restaurants throughout the country.

Decorated offices

When a professional deals with such a complex and sensitive issue as designed offices, he must first of all understand the nature of the business or brand, and coordinate expectations with the business owner so that there is an agreement on the design style and the way in which the vision and message of the office is conveyed. Office design should be smart and precise, so that it uniquely conveys the office's values ​​and turns the office into a pleasant and inviting place.

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